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Join us in welcoming President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for the fifty-seventh Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. This interfaith celebration will help mark the beginning of a new presidential term through prayer, readings, and musical performances.

Click here to watch the service on-demand. You can also explore past inaugural prayer services—and discover how presidents of the United States have long turned to the Cathedral at significant times.

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Other Thoughts and Prayers for the Nation

Bless you

Tina in TX

Dearly beloved

A in TN

Dear Natalie, I miss you so much. Love, Evelyn

Evelyn in MO

Dear, Ghazal I miss you so much! Love, Evelyn

Evelyn in MO

Light the candle!

Jason in AR

What an awesome site!

Mary in AL


rty in AL

working away woo woo woo, making sure this is tracking who woo woooo

glenn in TX

Please sign me up to watch the service on Tuesday Jan 22, 2013.

Mary in IL

Dear Lord, please release your Spirit of Revelation and Truth so that those in governance will be used to block deceptions, delays, and denials that keep this nation from loving and caring for others.

Harriet in VA


Karen in DC

God bless our land.

Todd in TN

i would like to see all polititions remember who sent them there and why. i know when i vote i expect them to remember first their country and then the people.

dick in IL


Stephen in AL

Praying for you President Obama, First Lady Obama and all of your staff and cabinet. Praying also for peace and harmony in our country.

Valerie in PA

I pray that President Obama succeeds in everything that he does to help the people of our nation and our world.

Cindy in WA

I pray for the leadrs that they humble themselves before the Almighty God and ask Him for wisdom and mercy.

carolyn in KY


elizabeth in DC

We in our household pray for courage and vision for the President in his second term. May he be remembered for championing "the least of these" and making this a more just nation.

Douglas in CA

May all of the prayers from this moving service move the hearts of people everywhere to try to do the will of God. I am so moved by our beautiful National Cathedral and thank God for it and its music

Beverly in GA

I pray for our president, vice president and their families. For all peoples of every creed and walks of life, to be united in loving peaceful kindness and consideration for their breathern. Amen

arlene in NV

Oh God heal our nation from prejudice against those different from ourselves, We ask that Congress realize their duty to do the work the people elected them to do. Grant peace to all oh God. Amen

Mary L in PA

I see President Obama surrounded and bathed in the Light of Love and Life, facing each decision with clarity of purpose and deep assurance of the more excellent way in all things for our country.

Alma in NE

May the Father and Mother God of us all keep our leaders safe, protect and preserve our nation and inspire us to recognize and seek the Kingdom of God.

Sharon in MD

I thank the LORD for bringing righteousness, justice,truth,and mercy back to America. He is the one who can and will turn this Nation back into a Nation under God . Jesus is Lord! Exalting Jesus

pamela in AZ

May God watch over the nation and guide the President with the decisions that will be made over the course of his term. God Bless the United States of America.

Richard in KS

Pray for peace in all languages and in all of our faiths

Elizabeth in MD

This is one of my favorite historic occasions, marking the ecumenical moral compass that we pray guides our leaders.

Barbara in DC

devil the lot of you, stealing the white house through evil craft of lies and deception, manipulation, you pervert the word of God to your own destruction, God is not mocked. Repent, NOW

Perry in NC

May God continue to bless President Obama that he seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. I pray for the President regularly and ask God continued guidance and protection.

Rev. Marvin in WA

I pray that we may put aside our differences and live in peace together

Colleen in IN

Having Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson participate today is an historic moment for LGBT people. Bless the second term of President Obama and the forward movement of faith and spirituality for all people.

Barb in CA

Blessings to Obama & Biden. May there be an end to all war; peace & understanding for all; the ability to talk together & understand opposite opinions & make decisions for the equality of all. Louise

Louise in MD

May our Leaders pray and listen to the guidance that the Holy Spirit is providing to them regarding the direction for our country... May God Bless us all....

Alex in AR

Congratulations Mr. President.

Maria in DC

Thank you for the live stream!

Diane in TX

May this nation, in all its diversity & wide range of beliefs come together under this President to remember we are to love one another. Many blessings Pres. Obama.

Cynthia in OK

Good luck Adam!

patrick in KS

May God Bless President Obama and our entire country. May God heal us and bring us together. May the letters USA stand for "Us Again", as we refocus on unity and cooperation among all Americans.

Karen in MI

May the Lord keep you and bless you.

Georgia in IN

Blessings for our President and his family, and our country.

Patricia in MD

My pastor Adam will be delivering the message. It is my prayer that our leaders of the nation will be inspired by hs wisdom and beliefs to bring this torn and tattered government back together.

Cindy in KS

May god be with you

George in KS

Prayers are with you and your family.

Danny in MS

May God bless the President and our country.

Bau in CA

Please uphold traditional marriage

Patrick in MD

Thank you for the opportunity to share the common responsibility we all have to help end suffering in the lives of one another. Peace and Happiness, always...

Erick in MO

May God bless you, Mr. President, today and each day. Thank you for all you do for our country.

Kathleen Anne in PA

my prayer would be for rancor and division to cease in our halls of government, for the elimination of assault weapons and for our children and the country they will inherit.

Sandra in VA

Almighty God, speak through our brother Adam this day.

Robert in OK

May peace and joy surround you today and through the next four years

Carol in VA

God Bless America!

Brenda in KS

Looking forward to this service and the message given by Adam Hamilton

Marion in LA

Praying for Adam and the nation.

Clayton in KS

i pray for my president and the vice for God protection ,

paul in N/A

May God continue to guide you and your staff and forever keep you and your family safe. May God also give us strength to come together for the good of our country and each other.

Emily in MI

We are praying for the service and the speakers.

carl in MO

Pastor Adam Hamilton is the pastor of my home church in Leawood, KS, and I am a HUGE fam of President Obama!

Amanda in KS

Lord, Hear our prayer.

E in GA

I pray for President Obama and Vice President Biden as they begin their 2nd term. May God bless America.

Norma in MD

Lord, protect and guide us

Eva Marie in OH

My prayer for you Mr President, is that GOD will lead you, guide you, and protect you as you lead this nation over the next 4 years.

Trudell in LA

With blessings for a God filled, prosperious and joyful new term for our nation and its people.

Jenette in KS

We are not red or blue; We are a purple country, drenched in so many blessings, a royal priesthood if we would just accept the love of God and turn from the self-centeredness of the world. I pray for our country, that we will find kind words and express

Raymond in NH

So excited and proud of our awesome Pastor Adam Hamilton from Leawood KS who was given the honor of delivering the sermon today for the National Prayer Service. Neva KS

Neva in FL

God of all wisdom, visit the leaders of our nation, especially Barack, with your life-giving Spirit. Let rancor and polarity give way to cooperation, respect, and a common vision for the common good.

Cynthia in IL

May God bless the President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Stephen in TX

God speed as you begin another term.

Joanne in NC

I pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to bring our nation into a togetherness that no enemy can infiltrate and tear down. That He continually strengthens us with love for all.

Arvis in MD

I pray for all in the nation to be blessed with the spirit of peace. May we strive to end violence, and may we be filled with a strong sense of love and respect for one another.

Shirley in NY


Cindy in KS

My prayer is for peace and understanding for the world. For the great United States of America I pray for a united spirit and elimination of hate and prejudice.

Naja in CA

May the Lord bless and keep our President Barack Obama. I pray that he may receive a meassure of wisdom and the power of discerment as he begins his tenure.

Angel in GA

I pray that those who have, give to those that do not. May God open their hearts to see the struggles and hardships that the disenfranchised suffer and demonstrate compassion instead of ridicule.

M. F. in MD

May hearts and minds fully awaken to the realization that we, the people, hold the answers to our problems, big and small. May civility, respect and love for each other light the way. Amen

Sherri in WA

God bless all those in leadership roles.

Deb in KS

We are praying for peace and compromise within the country.

Betty in KS

I will pray for our President and his family today as he leads us into a new future, one that is built on faith, hope and love. I will pray for Adam Hamilton as he brings the message. God BLess!

Bob in MO

Proud of you Mr. President...

sabrina in MD

Many blessings and prayer covering for our president, his family, and our great Nation.

Lori in FL

We pray for our nation to come back to God.

Roy in MO

Lord bless and safeguard President Obama, the First Lady, V. P. Biden, and their respective families. Guide them to follow your word no matter what they are faced with. Lord forgive us for our sins.

Virginia in DC

Help us hear your words and follow your path.

Sara in TX

I believe that we are a nation that has stood for helping the poorest, the disenfranchized and the disabled to still have that cherrished hope of a new day. I pray for a day when the kingdom is here.

Robert in FL

My prayer is for reconciliation, a sense of compassion and love, and for the peace and unity of mankind. I pray also for the safety of our military & their families and for an end to conflict.

Karen in TN

I pray for PEACE in the hearts of all our leaders right now, today is a new day to love your neighbors as yourself.

Mikel in NY

May God richly bless your presidency as you continue the struggle for the common good. Rev. Ken Hughes

Kenneth in GA

"Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, for the living of this day..." and O Lord, help us all to know and to do Thy will.

Felicity in NY

May the Lord continue to guide your path Mr. President. May you be strengthened in every way as you persevere toward peace and justice and equity for all the people. Rev. and Mrs. Charles Gilbert.

Charles in IA

I pray that the leaders of our nation will lay aside their bickering and "me and my party first" mentality to work WITH the President for this term and accomplish the badly needed tasks at hand.

Jo-Ann in VA

Prayers that the members of Congress who vowed to say no to everything President Obama has tried to accomplish even if it was legislation they had promoted will allow God to soften their hard hearts

Brenda in MO

May all peole, parties, faiths, and nations come together to build awareness and understanding of one another. May the President and public officers forge alliances to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Jane in RI

Bless the Unit.ed States

Barbara in DE

pray that the present congress and President will unit as one for the perfection of the union that we under God may be a nation fof all the people and not for some of the people.

lorenzo in OH

For our President, Barack, our Vice President, Joe, and for our nation and all its people. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

Carl in NY

I pray for you every day, Mr. President. You have been an inspiration to so many in this country, including me. You have taught me what hope is all about. God bless you abundantly.

Robert in MD

I am proud to have a Methodist give this important sermon. May God bless our President and the leaders of our country.

Diana in GA

Gracious God, I pray that our good intentions and lofty goals may not be diminished by the passing of time, but that we may all increasingly be inspired by your love to reach ever higher and higher!

Rev. Heather in VA

Praying for Peace and Unity

Eva in CA

My prayer is for strength and wisdom for our President and all our nations political leaders. I pray we discover ways to: peace without war; reduce gun violence; and a respectful immigration policy.

John in NC

Lighting candles at home to remember in prayer our Hope to achieve togetherness in peace, love , empathy and compassion. ....Toward the ONE !!

Marion in MN

God surround and protect our president, Vice President and leaders so that they are filled and guided with God. Amen

Betaey in TX

Praying for peace and unity. Hoping that the conversations around the country and among those in power will be about caring for the "least of these" and for keeping all people thriving, safe and well

Kim in NC

Pray for peace and that our leaders will work together.

Robin in MD

Oh God, may you let showers of blessing, wisdom and guidance rain down on our beloved USA in the days ahead. Let each of us accept our responsibily to do our part.

Anne in KS

Prayers for our great nation!

Vicki in TX

I pray that we may be transformed into a nation of grace, gratitude, and generosity. Ginny in NC

Virginia in NC

"The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."

Wojciech in TX

You, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia have my constant prayers....for your strength and safety. Please always be assured that there are millions of us who truly respect how hard you work at your job.

Marcia in OR

Dear Father, I come to you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that you guide the leaders of this great country. Help them to move themselves out of the way and make decisions for the people

marsha in MD

May God continue to bless American, this land and this people that we love....

Charlotte in TX

I pray for non-violent dialogue (Marshall Rosenberg techniques) between political parties & people who may disagree with one another. I salute the divinity of God in all. Humanity. Peace & Blessings

Melanee in CA

I pray for our Nation, our President and that we all work together for our country and our people

Carol in GA

I pray that the one true living God revealed most fully and decisively through Jesus Christ will be exalted not only in the service of worship today but also through the lives of our public servants.

George in VA

I pray that a spirit of cooperation takes hold. That diversity is celebrated. That fear, intolerance and hatred are replaced by understanding, compassion and love. That aggression gives way to peace.

Thom in PA

May God bless and protect you in leading our nation toward peace, prosperity, compassion and justice. May you have the hope and faith in us to seek our help in achieving the goals of your second term.

Patricia in VA

Dear brother in Christ, Greetings to you in most highly exalted name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be up on you forever. I am J.I.G.kumar, God Servant fro


In Remembrance of My Parents Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Huff Sr. and My Maternal Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Homer Elisha Tunnell by John Robert Huff Jr. A Prayer for the Nation.

John R in TX

I pray for our country, our leaders and our citizens in hopes of living in a better world.


May we always look for guidance from our heavenly father. May we be mindful that the truth will keep us free. Praying for Paster Hamilton as he delivers the message.

Dan in MO

I pray that the good Lord will bless and protects the president and his family. also GOD will give Him the grace,power,love,and a sound mind to lead this great nation.

Angie in MN

May we move forward as a nation, better than it has ever been in the past.

Shelley in NJ

Blessings on us all, and, Thanks Be....

Richard B in GA

May God guide this great nation toward peace and prosperity in the years ahead. Congratulations to Pastor Hamilton and COR for their participation in the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service.

Allen in AZ

Praying that we have our faith strengthened through this service.

Sarah in TX

May your hard work and kindness inspire the people of this nation to do selfless acts of beauty and benevolence.

Tatum in CA

Guide us in the pathway you would have us travel. Soften hearts and bring us back towards center.

Anna in KS

Many blessings to the President and Vice-President as they enter their second term of office. Thank you for all you have given the nation in the past four years and in the years to come.

Barbara in MD

My prayers are with Pastor Hamilton who will be delivering the sermon.

Bob in OK

May the Lord Jesus guide your steps, thoughts and actions during these next four years. May the Holy Spirit dwell in you guiding your every decision with a sound mind, a loving heart & humility.

Michele in AZ

May God bless our President and Vice President and may He be with them and our country as we move forward.

Gail in ID

May all the nation gather in prayer. Fr Richard Gilbert

Richard in IL

Lord, give our President the courage and strength to accomplish his goals for this country.

Samuel in HI

Just as Jesus chose a difficult path, I pray that your conviction and your actions will raise this nation up and heal its broken people. We are divided but you have the power to reunite us.

Etta in NY

Blessings be with the President and Family, Vice President and Family as they undertake these next four years to keep our nation and its people safe and free from fear.

linda t in GA

I am so moved by the courage and love you have for your country and its people. You are following the path that is right for us even if it is difficult and there are many who do not understand it yet

Etta in NY

Congratulations, Mr. President.

Donna in CA

I pray that as the Lord gave Solomon wisdom to rule I pray that President Obama will seek him to rule America in the right way.

angela in NY

We pray that the angles of heaven provide the minister and all those listening, the spiritual and motivational insight to carry them on their path to peaceful and enlightening deicisions ahead.

Susan in KS

For this GREAT NATION that I am BLESS to be a part of , I say Thank you to the ALMIGHTY. For the PRESIDENT , and the LEADERS of this GREAT NATION I ask for the PEACE that PASSETH all understanding.

Brenda in MD

God bless America and God bless the United States of America.

Leslie in NJ

With faith and hope, everyone can work together to make America greater than it has ever been.

Marlene in CA

Prayers that Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malea continue to grow in love for each other. Prayers that our President be guided by the Spirit to lead our country towards justice and peace.

Jan in WI

I would like to offer up a prayer for our country, so that we may continue to move forward, peacefully, as one nation under God :)

Sarah in WI

May the seeds of hope, love, and caring be firmly planted this day in the hearts of those who seek to serve only themselves. May we be open to others and drive hatred from our hearts.

Connie in VA

My wife Aida and my son John join me in praying that the president and be blessed with enduring strength and wisdom as he confronts the daunting challenges that face him and the nation

Malcolm in VA

Prayers that the nation may experience healing and wholeness in the days ahead.

Jeff in TX

I pray for the safety of our president and his family during these next 4 years

Sherry in TX

how sad is Jesus to so see CHristian leaders lost in their way, believing that Jesus will sanctify a union of two mens or two women. if you do,call yourself open minded, dont call yourself Christian

Jose in FL

Let the Nation pray for the strength of our government servants who come to work each day to have the grace and fortitude to carry out the goals and missions of our political leaders.

Diane in VA

May the President Obama and Vice President Biden lead this great nation with integrity & honor. G-d bless you.

Delia in CA

Adam, we are proud of you for being in the National Prayer Service. Blessings on your ministry.

Bruce in TX

God Bless you, Mr. are a light of hope for the world.

Rev. Renwick in FL

May the God of Abundance bless you with every grace to be a courageous leader, keep you and your family safe, and guide you in every presidential decision.

Maureen in VA

My prayer is that during the second term, at some point the president and congretional leadership would put aside personal ambitions and humble themselves before the Lord on behalf of the people.

David in CA

Praying that President Obama and Vice President Biden will open their hearts to hear the word of our Lord, pray for wisdom to guide this GREAT Nation!!!

Ida in CA

If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from there wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins, and will heal .

Jeffrey in NY

May our President and Vice-President be blessed with the courage and determination to accomplish all that they wish. We need them now, more than ever.

Kathleen in MO

Dear Lord - please let each of us realize we are all "one." And, thank you for giving "me" the blessing of living in this great nation - to be able to express my thoughts freely. Susan Graves

Brenda in IL

I want to view the National Cathedral Day of Prayer 1/22/2013

Charles in KS

Our nation is great. There is enough for everyone. I pray that every hungry person is feed and that each homeless person finds a home.

Renee in MI

Looking forward to my Pastor giving the sermon. The congregation of COR sincerely appreciates the commitee calling on Pastor Adam. May God bless us all.

Lynn in KS

I hope that God is with the President in his steps to making this nation a better and all inclusive place for people to live in.

Claire in DC

I am a member of The Church of the Reserection in Leawood, Kansas. I am signing up for updates because our pastor Adam Hamilton is delivering the sermon for the national prayer service.

Rob in TX

May we as a country join as one in mind, body and spirt to support our President and our leaders. I pray for strength and unity of our leaders to keep our country safe from harm and strong in might

Richard in KS

As a pastor, father, husband and local businessman working for Mt.Olive Pickle Company Inc. I join my brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer for our President and leaders in 2013. Rev Patrick Muston

Patrick in NC

Blessings and peace on President Obama. David and Betsy Poist

David in VA

can I still view it??

mary in CA

Prayers for a new term.

Jason in NC

Prayers for our great Nation under God.

Bethany in KS

Thy Kingdom Done.....Thy Will Be Done... In the name Of Jesus Christ Amen. God Bless us All

lori in FL

I pray that all Americans and indivuales of other Nations will seek to fulfil the Will Of God in their lives . Let us love each other as God has love us.

Delmus in MO

Blessings on this president.

Adam in MD

Building atop the positive messages from the Inauguration today, my prayer for the nation is that we focus on the power of pursuing happiness, together.

Rebecca in TX

May God set a plumb line among our leaders, and may God bless the President, his family, and his administration in this second term.

Anthony in IL

For unity in America.... for all people, all colors, all creeds in a nation that is all home sweet home...

Mychael in FL

I pray that you will not lose heart in your efforts to reach across the aisle to invite non-partisan support of your vision for America. I was in spirit today to celebrate your innaguration!

Kenneth in FL

Please pray that all our elected officials might work in a non-adversative manner to bring solutions for our many problems, that in such a manner they may avoid arrogance, anger and provocation.

Joseph in NC

I pray we will all acknowledge God as the head of this country, He is our Provision and Protector if we humble ourselves and trust and obey Him.

Betty in MO

Blessings and peace to all.

Jean in TN

Bless the USA

Norman in KS

There has to be change. We need our country back. Pray God can take the lead.

Joanne in AR

Dear President Obama: Thank you for being willing to put yourself forth to be our President. Also, thank you to your wife and daughters for all that they go through as the first family. Stand strong!

Anne in CA

Thoughts and prayers go out to the President, his family and the Vice Precsident and family as you embark on another term in office. I pray that our heavenly father continue to be your strength!

Traci in MD

That we will walk in love, peace, and compassion one for another.

Leonard in GA

That you may continue to do your work armored in the spirit and armored in God. Amen

Josephine in NY

For all children to be safe - from violence, from hunger, from poverty, from injustice, from discrimination.

Martha in NJ

Towards a peaceful future

Gabrielle in DC

That our nation grows together to solve the big challenges we have today.That we do it with love and respect of each other. And that we remember the people in our country that are really struggling .

CynthiA in MO

For the children of Sandy Hook, the victims of gun violence and their families, that they may not be forgotten by those worshipping here today.

Matthew in TN

May God bless and support our President, our nation andstrengthen

Larry in KS


Robert in FL

Mighty God, grant us the wisdom to follow you & the courage to live in love, joy & peace. Forgive us for our unkind ways. Bless us to be a blessing to each other in this nation & the world over.-RevJ

Jabari in GA

Dear Father God, As we gather here with You, we praise You, who is goodness, greatness, awesome, and power. We praise you, who created us, who watches over us all, who knows and cares for us each. We thank you with joy, sharing the joy that you gave us.

Bailey in DC

God bless our President and our nation!

Marshall in MD

We are delighted to participate in this special 57th inauguration prayer service! Both as chorister and as congregant.

Allison in VA


Laurie in IL

Lord God, lead us gently into this new adventure, guide us by your grace and love, and help us, people and leaders, to seek your wisdom first, last and only. Help us be a loving, gracious nation. Amen

heidi in OH

May God bless you both and you move to address the challenges ahead

Harry in MD

Prayers for the passage of comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform that favors family unity and offers a path to citizenship to be passed in the months ahead.

Sharon in DC

My prayers for a successful, happy second term!

elizabeth in DC

We trust that the God who has given you life, has made you a husband and father and has laid His hand upon you as the President of the United Sates, will bless you and send the Spirit to guide you.

Elizabeth Renetta in FL

I want to hear Rev. Hamilton

John in AL

Pastor Adam Hamilton is an inspired and anointed man of God and it is my prayer that we will be blessed with a message placed on his spirit by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Patricia in KS

May both sides of Congress put aside their differences and instead work together with you, President Obama, to solve our economic, unemployment and health issues. Bring ALL our TROOPS HOME.

Donnmariia in PA

My prayer is that, "We as a nation can come together in peace, and learn to respect the differences in each of us as God made us. May we remember who we are".

Karen in AR

Praying for our Nation, our people and our Military and their families, and also all of our elected officials, that they may work together to bring America out of debt!

Jan in FL

For unity and willingness to hear and respect the others perspective.

Cathy in VA

Praying for the nation and all its leaders, that God might continue to bind us together in His perfect love and that God would illumine Pastor Adam as he prepares to preach the Gospel in a bold way!

Scott in MO

God Bless United States, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle and family! Maria Guillermina Frizza from Paraguay

Maria in DC

Merciful God, make us a nation which seeks justice for all people and peacemakers amidst the strife.

Annell in NC

Good luck

Jesse in KS

May God be with us all!

Jim in NE


Judy in MI

God Bless President Obama, Vice President Biden and their families.

Ruby in VA

thank you for making this inclusive to the whole nation

Laura in MO


Bonnie in FL

Dear God, please give Adam Hamilton the right words so the leaders in Washington will follow you. Because if they would put God first, we would not have so much hate in Washington. God Bless the USA!

Carmen in KS

Prayers are being offered by many for Adam Hamilton.

Marlyn in KS

Help us to quit judging our brothers.

Zoe in NM

May God grant President Obama and the congress and they work through our nations problems.

Cynthia in TN

May God richly bless you and watch over you as you lead this great country over the next four years. The best is yet to come.

Jodi in IN

May the Great Spirit give you courage as you face the exciting and difficult days ahead.

Ruth in WA

Holy One, guide, grace and protect President Obama and all our leaders.

Joan in MA


Jim in KS

Loving and ever living God we pray for the President and his family at this special time treating all peoples the same especially our Brothers and Sisters of the LGBT Community

Roger in CT

I am a new US citizen (since last week) and a new Catholic. I would like to know what is going on in this service. God Bless US!

Ying in CA

Prayers for peace and blessings world wide.

deborah in MD

I pray for Obama and that he understands how proud of a nation we are of him but there is so much work stil that needs to be done. There is slavery happening right now that needs to end.

Erin in MD

I , Gregory Earnest Lawe , pray that the the President and the people ,of this nation , remember the creator of this world "Amity God " put him first !, because ,without him , have no good thing.

Gregory in MI

Lifting through unity in prayer, the call to live justice, live kindness and to walk together with our God.....

Nichea in MI

May God save us from hatred of one another and turn our energies towards our true enemies: poverty, violence, and the cheapening of our national soul.

Dawn in MO

I lift up friend and pastor Adam Hamilton as he presents the Inaugural Sermon.

Jack in MO

For those LGBT who need to find loving community to be the way they are.

Maxim in N/A

We pray for you and your decisions for this nation. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Gina Jenkins - Fort Worth, Texas

Gina in TX

For the hopes of generations of humanity . . .

Amy in IL

We love you Pastor Adam Hamilton! Godspeed...

Chad in MO

May God grant elected official the wisdom & COURAGE to put differences aside & come together to make difficult decisions for the good of ALL people of America & may they also pray for guidance.

Bess in NC

May all the people of America open their hearts to one other, reaching across the divide of cultures and ideas to make a safe and harmonious society. May President Obama lead us with wisdom and care.

Kathleen in OH

May we be enlightened by the message of Jesus. May we follow in His footsteps even as He carries us through the worst of ours. May we seek His will and offer ourselves as participants in His plan.

Anna in PA

As you begin your second term as POTUS, I offer prayers of wisdom, protection, guidance, continued faith and understanding. I know the job ahead of you is not only a big one--it is a demanding one!

Chandra in IN

Thank you for offering this.

Susan in KS

God Bless America!

Em in MO

My God bless and keep you on your journey to heal this nation . May your journey unite us and keep us in a circle of harmony leading to a truly United States of America.

Betty in PA

I want to watch

Tom in MO

God bless us all

Dawn in KS

Wanting to hear Adam Hamiltons message . He is a great messenger of God

bonnie in MO

Let us each be the light to the world... God is love.

Glenn in KS

Would like to watch.

R Lee in VA

I pray that our vision could go beyond the the doctrine and lines that separate us, and extend to that which binds us together. I truly pray for wisdom for our leaders and agape love for one another

Chris in MO


turella in OR

Dear President Obama, I am adding my thoughts and prayers for your life now and always. I light this candle as a symbol my support of you and your work.

Naomi in AZ

Would like to watch the service.

Victoria in MO

God Bless our nation and all citizens

Carla in KS

Praying for a united nation.

Cheryl in TX

I pray that we can have peace and co-operation between the parties in the congress.

Barbara in FL

Lord, be with our leaders and give them the ability to lead our nation to peace. Amen

Vicki in KS

PRayers for Rev. Hamilton. He is a wonderful man.

mark in TX

Almighty God, you have raised up leaders among nations and peoples to ensure their prosperity, defend their freedom, and promote justice for all. Grant courage to our President to fulfill your purpose

The Rev. Taylor W. in IN

God, please watch over this amazing nation and President Obama to do incredible acts of kindness and prepare us for the days ahead.

Amy in KS


Karen in DE

God bless the peacemakers!

Anne in AZ

Prayers for President Obama and for our nation that we will choose peace over war, love over hate, and action over indifference.

Janet in TX

Many blessings ...

Mary Ann in ME

Prayers for peace and unity. God bless president Obama.

Sarah in VA

This is a blessed day

R.J. in FL

May God bless America and guide President Obama to help bring prayer back where it belongs in this country as the founding fathers intended.

Judy in TX

Loving God, guide and protect our president, Barack Obama, today and every day.

Judith in ME

Hail to the Chief! We shall overcome.

Laura J in NM

Prayers of peace for all people in the world and for our leaders to work together for the entire USA, balancing the budget and not only on the backs of the hard working citizens, but all everyone.

nancy in MD

Prayers of thanks and amazement in the way the pursuit of happiness is appearing possible to GLBT Americans. May Gd bless these leaders, and this prayer service.

Tim in CA

We are all one nation.

Cheryl in GA

Excited to hear Rev Adam Hamilton speak.

Julie in KS

I am eager to hear Rev. Adam Hamilton speak. I pray God lifts him up to provide a deep and meaningful message.

Wes in FL

Hoping through prayer, the current administration can learn and grow, and get their heads screwed on straight....

Gregg in KS

That our One Nation Under God, Indivisible is the tone for our leaders. My prayers are for unity, for respect and for leadership.

Ellen in TX


Dwight in IA

May God Bless you all.

Jay in KS

Praying for our country and our leaders.

Deborah in MO

Mu prayers go to peace and love to all beings on this earth.

Jana in MD

On this special day, I am grateful for President Obama and his family and the tone they have set regarding national service and that we all are our brothers keeper. God bless America and our leader.

Mary F in OH

I send prayers and blessings as we embark, together, on the next four years. May the president be surrounded with hope, love, and patience in the coming days.

Gayle in AR

Many blessings for the coming four years

Ellie in CO

Father God, I give you honor & glory. I pray that you shield and protect Our President, Barrack Obama that he completes the work for this Country in Jesus name. Long live the President of the USA.

Darryl in FL


Keith in TX

The night President Obama was elected his first term, I cried with joy. Having Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson be a part of this service, fills me with hope. Thank God!

Sandra in NY

O God, Thank you for blessing our country with wise leaders. Help them to lead us in the ways of justice, equality, truth, and peace to the benefit of all our citizens. Amen.

Evelyn in GA

Please God, bless and protect our president in his second term of office.

Martha Walker in NC

My prayers are with President Obama, his team and both houses of congress. May there be a change of heart in all our politicians to truly do what is right for the America and the world.

Darren in CT

Neat to "tune in" for the National Prayer Service tomorrow.

Rich & Dian in KS

Prayers and Blessings to The President, The Vice President and their families.

Gloria in KS

May God bless our President and Vice President and all those who control our goverment. During this service may all our prayers be with Pastor Adam Hamilton. May God Bless Amercia.

Gayann in KS

God bless our President, Vice President and families as they begin a second term of service to our country. May they have the wisdom, strength and guidance to meet the challenges of each day.

Sonja in NY

God Bless the president.

Ed in FL

Almighty God, In times past, you have rescued us from the dangers of trusting in our own abilities. I ask You, God to point our President, and us as a nation. back to dependence on You. We need You!

Kristie in MN

We are praying for this prayer service and all who speak and hear. May God pour out his love, wisdom and grace on all attending...and on our United States of America.

Juanita in MO

My prayer for this nation is a prayer for unity, peace, love, and a pursuit of justice. That the hungry would be fed. That the naked would be clothed. That the homeless be sheltered. Amen

Bradley in AL

Grant to President Obama and to all in authority, wisdom and strength to know and to do your will. Fill them with truth and righteousness, & make them ever mindful of their calling to serve us all.

Scott in TX

Praying our nation will begin to come together, work together, serve each other as God wants us to do.

Virginia Beth in TX

Thanks be to God for a country where the people gather to celebrate the beginning of a new term for the President. Prayers for President Obama as he leads us in the next four years.

Dani in TX

May God bless you as you lead our great country forward....

Larry in KY

May God bless our President and our nation.

Sharon in TX

Many blessings

Lori in FL

May the Lord guide your decisions. Please do not allow special interest groups (especially the NRA and Israel) prevent this country from doing the what needs to be done to reduce violence. Peace!

MaryAnn in MD

I pray President Obama will continue to fight bravely for the rights of LGBT people around the world, and thank God for his stand on equal marriage.

Helen in N/A

I am praying for Adam Hamilton - that God uses him as he delivers the sermon Tuesday AM.

mary in KS

May God bless Adam Hamilton today .

Karen in KS

My prayers are with you as you lead the nation for the next four years and may God guide you .

Ruth in NY

A great nation deserves a great leader.

Tuluy in NY

Prayers for Pastor Adam Hamilton as he prepares to deliver his sermon

Kate in KS

I pray for strength and wisdom for President Obama and Vice President Biden as they guide our country. May we support them as they lead us.

Kay in KY

May God Bless you and America.

Dawn in KS

I join with you all in prayer for our country, our world, our economy, our President, and His entire family, for families, for our youth, for cooperatrion, peace and love -AND FOR CHANGE TO COME GBY,

Rev. Dr. Brenda Joy in MI

That God shower ALL of our national, state & city leaders with knowledge & discernment to fully understand the issues we all face & what needs to be done to take us forward on a united, stable path.

Rosemarie in KS

God bless President Obama and USA.

Aijun in MD

Great and loving God: Grant President Obama the wisdom and moral courage to lead our nation on the pathways of peace and justice for all peoples. Amen.

Hayward in CA

The past is a rich depository of wisdom; the future a vessel of all possibility. May our Eternal Father guide this nation forward as we take the wisdom of the past and forge a brighter future. Amen.

Jo-Ann in OH

God Bless.

Jennifer in KS

I prsy that we as a nation go bsck to honoring our chridtianity as our forefathers did when creating our constitution and declaration of independence from tyranny

pat in ND

Prayers and thanksgiving to God for the continued service of President Barak Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden in their commitment and energy to uniting and healing the United States of America.

Susan in KS

I feel very lucky to live in this time with you as our president. You represent a majority vote of our country at its best. Thank you for your service and all the best throughout the next 4 years!

Leigh in NC

I up lift my prayer for Adam Hamilton.

Dean in KS

I pray we will see when we are being a co-dependent nation and stop it. I pray we will be United States citizens first ... and embrace the roots of our individual heritages second.

Prudence in CA

Blessings on President Obama and Vice President Byden on their second terms serving the people of America and the world.

Anne in N/A

Peace be to you President Obama and your family as well Vice President Biden and the members of Congress.May God continue to richly bless you as well give you the wisdom for what is ethical.

leslie in TN

Free Palestine

Alexandre in N/A

I would like to wish the Vice President and the President of the United States the blessing of success. May God enrich them in their efforts to bring unity between all people.

Raymond in MI

God bless you President Obama.

Mark in VA

May God watch over and give our president wisdom to help unify a divided nation. Please help him to change his positions on abortion and all anti catholic aspects in Omamacare.

Gene in MI

God Bless America

Tom in KS

Please pray for more restrictions on carbon emissions to save our planet. The most important project of the next four years---CLIMATE CHANGE!

Victoria in MN

God, We lift this service of worship to you on Tuesday. It is with joy to know that this new presidential term will begin with prayer. We are especially lifting in prayer our pastor, Adam Hamilton.

Kay in MO

We pray you, our president, keep the light of love when inspiring our citizens to accept policies of peace and caring for their fellow man. We thank our GreatSpirit for your leadership President Obama

Elise & Marc in CA

Continued good luck and prayers from this corner of Nevada. May the next four years be met with non partisanship and all work for the good of country. Thank you Mr. President.

Shelba-Kay in NV

My prayer is that each of us in this country, including our elected leaders, would listen to each other understanding that each is a child of God, loving each other as Jesus taught.

Howardene in FL

Prayers for guidance for all elected governing the USA.

Kay in FL

In the following year,may we come together for the good of all people.

Kathy in NC


Hege in N/A




Gabriel in GA

Pastor Adam Hamilton, who is the pastor of my church, will be delivering the sermon. He is such an inspirational speaker and I am praying that his message will touch all of those who are listening!

Marie in KS

Peace in the world.

brenda in NC

Dear Mr. President: May the blessings of your first term continue in your second term so that you may implement your many wonderful initiatives to help our Country. I will pray for you!

Shirley in MD

God, may your blessing continue on this nation and our leaders "be still and know that you are God" . Make us a united nation once again. Thank you God.

Katherine in OK

Dear God, May you continue to guide our President in the right path throughout the next 4 years. Lord, continue to enlighten him and to give him the strength he will need to guide us & keep him safe.

Maria in NJ

I pray that this service would touch the hearts of our leaders, so that they would let the Spirit of God guide their lives, their dreams, and their hopes for our nations future.

Debbie in FL

My wish for you, dear President of these United States of America, is that the impulses of your beautiful heart will not diminish in its light during this second term. MARY ANN KIRK in CO

Mary Ann in CO

Every blessing on the president and his family

Chris in N/A

God bless B & J & Congress and Mother Earth!! from JD Sebastian, MCC Los Angeles, California

John in CA

Pastor Adam is our minister here in Kansas City. we are so proud of him and blessed to have him lead this sermon.

wayne in IN

Dear Lord, Please help this president to inspire congress and lead this national to better good. Amen

Fred in KS

May God shed His light and grace upon our great nation. May He the most powerful, grant wisdom and knowledge to all the leaders of this our United States. Bless Rev Hamilton as he delivers his words!

Deb in SD

Prayers for our nation and the world.

Denise in TX

May we move forward with compassion.

Paul in MO

Praying for our Nation, our President and all Governemnt Officals and Leadersz,

Theresa in IN

Lord I pray that you Bless this great Country of America. I Pray for the president and the vice president that you show them the direction in which you want this country to go on issues. AMEN

Adam in CA

Let justice, courage, compassion , and wisdom ring out across the world. May our leadership keep faith with those who paved the way to our day and to those who bring tomorrow.

Phil in OK

God be with every one

marian in MD

Our prayers to the country and to Pastor Adam Hamilton.

bill in KS

Conversion of hearts of republican congress(wo)men & senators. Protection of First Family members. Guidance & wisdom thru intercession of Holy Spiri for Pres. Obama. Peace & economic recovery of USA.

emilia in NJ

Please grant the President and Vice-President the wisdom, humility, and strength to lead our nation and to be leaders in restoring peace throughout the planet.

Marideth in DC

Walk and live the light that Christt has given you and the world needs.

Andrea in CA

My prayers are always with you and with your family. Your leadership style is that of a pastor and as a pastor I welcome that. Blessings be upon you and the difficult work you have ahead of you.

Rev. Debra in OH

God bless our President and his family with safety, clear insight and unwavering faith in you. Bless our nation through his leadership. We will in all things give you praise.

Joseph in LA

Prayers for integrity in leadership throughout all branches of government. Respect for diversity will allow many voices to inform those who must determine and act on behalf of the common good.

Barbara in AR

Praying for all to work together for the good of our country and our diverse peoples.

Jennie in AK

God of all -- bless our President as he continues to lead us into new ways of living your vision of compassionate love and care for all people. Amen

Wes in GA

My pastor is Adam Hamilton. He is a good man. I wish him well. I also hope our country becomes more familiar with our founding fathers and what they had to say, such as from Thomas Jefferson.

JIm in KS

Our Pastor, Rev Adam Hamilton will be speaking at the Prayer Breakfast. Our prayers are with him and our nation.

Carolynn in KS

4 more years. God bless President Obama.

Miraca in GA

Looking forward to hearing Adam Hamilton share a message. He has been an inspiration to our family.

K in KS

I pray for our President Obama and his family. They touch my heart in so many ways.

Bonnie in MN



I pray for a hedge of protection surrounding President Obama and his family and VP Biden and his family. Let no evil trespass against this hedge of protection. Lord God give your guidance and wisdom.

Desiree in PA

We wish the President and Vice President good health and a very successful second term.

Marilyn in NC

I offer prayers fro President Obama as he begins his 2nd term, that he will be rightly guided by You, Lord. Also prayers for the House and Senate that they may be willing to work for the good of all

Beryl in DC

sending good vibes!!!

daniel in AZ

We are members. of the Church of the Resurrection , leawood , Ks... Rev Adam Hamilton is our preacher...we are honored to hear him on Tuesday!

Lynn in KS

Bless the extended First Family and the Bidens, all of those in service to others, and all of us.

Kathryn in CO

Praying for the leaders and citizens of the UNITED States of America!

Emily in CO

I pray for the health-well being of families, for children (born and unborn), for workers to have liveable wages, and for social justice to prevail showing that we are a nation who cares for the poor.

Arlene in PA

May God work through Pres Obama and V PBiden to open the eyes of all Americans to put the needs of others before their wants that we may be come a kinder people and a blessed nation.5

Jane in VA

Sign me up to see webcast

Belinda in IN

Dear Mr President and Vice President, as a District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church in Germany, I wish you for your presidency Gods blessings, courage, humor and love for all.

Uwe in N/A

I pray that the U.S.A. reduces its debt, reduces its military presence in other countries, and reduces its dependence on foreign oil.

Verna in NC

God Bless America and may the Holy Spirit fill everyone present with a new spirit of cooperation and service. God bess Pastor Adam Hamilton and may his words inspire thousands.

Asima in KS

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms

Kay in VA

I pray for peace for our nation, wisdom for our president, and patience, understanding and empathy by us all. God bless America!

Robin in CA

Wishing us a new day when the best of ourselves rises to care for the least, the last, and the lost, remembering that we shall be known by how we care for the least of these.

Ashley in NY

Dear Lord; Please let the United States become more and more like Canada, day by day.

a in VA

I hope President Barack Obama and his administration bless others and become source of blessings for all nations.

DaeHwa in MD

Loving and merciful God thank you for your anointing and calling of President Obama and Vice President Biden. Guide them and us with your spirit of wisdom and grace this day and always. Amen

April in IN

I pray for our countryâ??s unity as a nation, our return to a principle-centered ideology, exhibiting genuine respect and regard for one another, that we might lift again our lamp beside the golden door

Deborah in TX

We pray that God through his Grace and divine providence, will enable and inspire our leaders to bring us to reconciliation with him and with each other, through the power of His love.

Bruce in NC

Our prayers are with our President and our nation, for guidance, healing, wholeness and peace.

Steven in PA

Thrilled and thankful that The Reverend Dr. Nancy Wilson will be participating in the National Prayer Service for President Obama and Vice President Biden. Best wishes to all, Ed and John

Ed in FL

sincere prayers for president Obama his family for his continued work for the US may God guide him on his journey prayers-also for Rev Dr Elder Nancy Wilson on partisipation in the service

Janice in PA

God Bless this world and keep our Leaders and their families safe.

Pamela in NC

God of all, Empower our national leaders to work for peace with justice around the world. Bring your spirit of love to create harmony and to bring hope. Amen.

Heather in CA

May we as a people in this great nation learn to love one another beginning by practicing civility. Let our hearts be filled with joy in place of fear, happiness in place of envy, God, may it be so

Chuck in CA

God bless our nation, peace to the world.

parroquia Episcopal in N/A

May God Bless you and guide you to lead this country.

Robert in KS

Heavenly Father, Grant Pastor Adam Hamilton the peace and wisdom that can come only from the Holy Spirit. Fill him with your strength, and use him to speak a powerful message of truth and light.

Richard in KS

Abba I pray for your guidance & protection over our president, VP, their families & all levels of government. For us all to be united as a people of love for everyone & not divided as a nation Amen

Leslie in FL

I pray that you will be kelt safe and that you will continue to be aided in your endeavors to strengthen our nation and give hope to our people by our creator. Much love, peace, and blessings!

Natalie in CA

I am excited to participate in this service.

Amy in MA

May God grant peace and joy to President Barack Obama and his family during his second term as our president. We are fortunate to have such a kind and caring man to lead us.

Hazel in KY

God bless America and leaders of the country.

kyeng in GA

God bless America and leaders of the country.

kyeng in GA

May integrity of soul be your first ideal, The source that will guide and bless your work. Prayers for light, love, and compassion for all. blessings!

Vicki in AZ

I pray that God continues to guide President Obama with His gifts of wisdom, courage, and grace so that our great nation may continue to grow and be strengthened by their leadership.

Cindy in CA

We send our best wishes to you and your family in your comming four years May God be with you as you govern our country in the future.

John in CA

Dear Lord: Thank you for your mercy shown to the United States and the World, for you have shared with us your child, President Barak Obama and his bless family. Please Lord protect him and guide him

Helen in CA

God bless our President and Vice President as they continue leading our nation.

Walker in CA

Bless you, our beloved leaders from rich, beautiful and diverse faith traditions...for answering the call to serve. Bless you as you listen for and lean into the better angels of our nature. Always.

Lynn in CO

Lord, place your will into the hearts and minds of those who will govern in the coming years that they will set aside their partisan priorities and govern in the best interest of all people.

Jude in MS

I pray that our elected leaders will work TOGETHER to resolve the myriad of issues our nation faces. Dear Lord send your spirit to be with them, and let them not forget their "brothers". Amen

Susan in MI

Blessings and prayers for our President Barack Obama from me and the faith community of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Elk River, Minnesota. We pray for his well being and his family. God bless!

The Rev. Robert C. in MN

Dear Lord, Please guide our president, Barak Obama, to make the right decisions that will bring greater peace and prosperity to our nation and to the rest of the world. Thank you Lord.

Preminda in VA

God prepared the way for this country to be place of religious freedom from . I pray that we can all do our part to allow people to worship how, where, and what they may. Let us love one another.

Sheena in WA

I pray that our President and Congress will be able to work together to keep us safe and be leaders at a time when there is no room for pettiness and selfish actions.

Stephen in DC

God, please send this president your guidance and love to create a nation of peace for the world. May his tenure be lead by the Spirit to unify our country and bring safety, love and value to all.

Lynn in CO

It is my understanding that Adam Hamilton from our Church, COR, here in Leawood, KS will be delivering the sermon for the National Prayer Service that is a part of the inaugural events. watch it.

Dean in KS

Prayers and good wishes for the next four years.

Tim in MI

I pray for wisdom and patience for the administration, and for open ears and loving hearts for the Congress.

Bella in PA

May the leaders of our nation work together in a spirit of empathy and compassion to foster a spirit of possibility, hope, flourishing, and sustainability for the well-being of our nation and world.

Gill in NY

I thank God for President Obama and Vice President Biden, men of vision and integrity. God, You placed them in Your service through this election. Continue to guide their steps and protect our nation.

Linda in MA

Lord, please bless our President & give him the strength, courage, empathy & compassion he needs to lead our country.

Elaine in NY

Lord, please bless Adam Hamilton as he prays for out nation. Please help us to see each other as fellow human beings, and not as adversaries. We have many differences, but are more alike than not...

Julie in KS

I pray for religious freedom in America and around the world; I pray that We the People will humble ourselves, call upon the name of the Lord, and ask Him to revive us spiritually. In Jesue Name Amen.

Sara in NM

Lord, I pray for unity and compassion, for healing and a end of political fighting for "Being right" no matter the cost that effects everyone. Bring peace and healing to our Nation. Amen.

Art in MD

I am praying for President Obama during these important days - that God will give him the wisdom for all the important tasks ahead of him. I believe that he is a man of faith. I pray blessings on him

ruth in TN

Lord, grant our President wisdom as he faces the challenges ahead.

Emily in MI

I offer prayers of gratitude for a president that loves justice and mercy, and walks humbly with God. I offer prayers for wisdom to negotiate in a complex world. Mostly I pray for peace.

Grace in CA

Praying for unity for our nation and for President Obama and his family as he seeks to lead a seemingly dysfunction congress.

Karen in AR

God, grant the people of our nation the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. God bless President Obama.

Diana in MD

Dear Lord, Thy will be done. Amen

Alana in VT

Congratulations Mr. President on being elected for your second ter m. Best wishes for you and our country. Maintain your ideals and think long term. Best regards, Dean Hubbard, Westford, Ma.

Dean in MA

Our Prayers for President Obama and Vice President Biden as they guide our country through these difficult times. We pray especially for our Country, the Environment and Peace in the world. The Quinns

Letitia in CA

Want to watc h service Tues to start new term ---and Adam Hamilton

Alma in KS

Please remember the lesbian and gay Americans whose rights have been so long denied or vilified. Amen.

Bonnie in DC

He is my senior pastor and I would love to watch this. thanks, Cliff

Cliff in KS

I pray for the legislature to compromise for the good of America . My continued prayers for President Obama may he receive support and help from all of us.

Patsy in KS

I pray for the continuation of a term marked by inclusiveness for all, regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. I pray for greater understanding between the religious traditions in the U.S.

Emilia in GA

Prayers for the divided legislature and populace to work toward compromise and reconciliation in this presidential term to solve real problems and get the nation back on track.

Fran in MO

Prayers for President Obama and Vice Preident Bidenin their second termas well as all elected leaders. Prayers also for Reverend Adam Hamiltonand the message he will bring.

Jan in KS

I pray for you safety and your resolve to be the President who never forgets the poor and those made poor, and for cooperation for universal access to health care to be a reality in your second term.

Elizabeth in MD

My prayer is for us, the people, to find harmony to connect us amongst the chaotic disparities gripping our nation. I pray for person to person connecting with a common belief in the common good.

MaryElzabeth in FL

No message. thank you for offering the live coverage!

jim in AL

I pray that that all of our government leaders embrace & practice an attitude of humility, compassion, and mutually respectful discourse and cooperation to model the BEST of America for the world!

Ana Maria in MO

May our Gracious Father bless our land and those who lead us. Especially bless your servant President Obama with the courage to stand for the what is right and just in the coming days. AMENN

Doris in IA

That a spirit of justice and charity would prevail in this nation, and in the world

Sandra in MA

May you find strength and courage within you when tested and wisdom and peace upon reflection. I pray for this with all my heart.

Debra in DC

I pray that minds will be opened, and hearts will embrace peace and kindness toward one another. May our president stay strong and lead with wisdom and love.

Sonja in TN

May the manifold wisdom of God be made known to everyone through the church.

Mitch in MO

I pray for a return true bi-partisianship, compromise and balance. We truly want to be proud of our country, and it is so disappointing now.

Tom in MO

I pray for each of us as individuals and as a nation, that we know and claim our power as channels of Love, to hold, employ and be the Light that transforms the the whole world, all of life. Amen.

Martha in VA

May we have ears to hear and clear eyes to see.

Chuck in OH

Peace & Passion!

Lori in NH

Thank you for the ability to live stream the service online for the 57th Inaugural Prayer Service. I greatly look forward to watching online!

Brad in KS

Lord, awaken us to our calling for service in this world; bless our President, Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden in their continued service to our Nation and the World, and all of us. AMEN

Lois in MD

I pray Obama will stop damaging the best nation the world has every seen--past, present or future.

Randy in TX

My prayer for President Obama And V.P. Job Biden as an Angels whispers from Heaven Weave in Faith GOD Will find the thread. President Obama I pray that things will look better for you very soon.

Georgia Bowen in VA

Compassion, Peace, Love to all Humans. May are hearts be lifted up toward the One. The One family of all nations. Respect, empathy and understanding of the different perspectives working together.

Marion in MN

God Bless You Mr. President - May you continue the work God has started in you. (Rev.) Diane M. Peterson Connecticut

Diane in CT

I pray today and will pray daily for our elected leaders to have the courage to step out of their bunkers and make relationships with their elected colleagues toward positive leadership for the USA.

gayle in OH

Blessing for your you family

Marcus in DC

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." *Isaiah 40:31*

Kristina in VA

God be with our President and Vice President in their second term in leading our wonderful country.

Geeta in CA

May peace be on the United States and the world.

Mihoko in VA

God be with President Obama and Vice President Biden

andrea in OH

Covenant keeping God ,We thank you and praise you for your love and mercy to our leaders at this time may they leave a place in their hearts to hear your gentle whisper .We love you Alleluia. AmenAmen

Deborah in DC

God bless USA!

mihail in DC

My prayers and many blessings for the President and his family. I pray for all people to come together as one nation. We need learn to laugh, love , live, life and keep your faith in God.

Michelle in MD

Pray that God will grant our President strength and wisdom for each day.

Judith in OK

I pray for the safety of President Obama and his family, and for the wisdom and the courage to stand strong for justice, compassion and equality for all. So may we all live into hope. Kasey in MD

Mansfield in MD

I pray for four years of safety from violence, poverty , ignorance and fear.

Kathryn in CA

Hope the best for barak obamas second term . God bless you and your family

Kaylen in MO

May God strengthen and protect our earnest young president and enable him and the nation to rise above divisiveness and address our challenges with empathy and grace.

Yvonne in DC

May, our president, Mr. Obama, be guided by the prayers of his nation to lead us righteously and successfully always. Lillian Miller

Lillian in VA

May God give you the strength, wisdom and inner peace to follow steadfastly your convictions and persevere in view of all the opposition, disapproval and divisiveness.

Hans in WI

God to all people and all nations, we humbly pray as a nation with freedom and responsibility to faithfully support our president that together we shall ensure the common good as a beacon of light.

Janice in CT

Dios de infinita misericordia ten piedad de nosotros. Angel de Obama y Biden, dulce, compania no los desampare ni de noche ni de dia, con todos los santos Jesus y Maria. Amen. Doris Franco Glanden

Doris in MD

Blessings as you begin your second term. May God grant you the courage of your convictions, especially with the incredibly historic opportunity to make history with gun violence reforms.

Susan in CA

May the God of Many Names protect and guide our President and the Vice President and give them the strength, compassion and mindfulness to persevere in leading our Nation.

Barbara in MD

I am from Indonesia. We pray for President Obama.

Tutin in MD

I am pastor of Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church. Representing for Indonesian people we proud for presiden Obama, because he has been live in Indonesia. We pray for Presiden Obama.

Victorius in MD

May the Spirit of the Lord come upon him when he make presidential decisions. May he lead the nation toward peace, liberty and prosperity for all. God bless America and us all.

Dornnapha in IL

Leading this wonderfully diverse county takes wisdom, courage, and energy. I pray that our leaders will have all of that and the poise to make their ideas known in a loving hopeful way.

Nancy in DC

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. We are so very grateful for your service and your leadership. The Whitaker family West Hartford CT

Kimberley in CT

My prayers are offered for the sensible solution to gun control, for the health and safety of the President and Vice President, for all Americans, and for the Congress, that they may find bridges.

jean in CT

Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, "The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.â?? Please hold the children of the world up as you lead our country.

Monica in CA

My prayer for 2013 is that we find balance -- individually and nationally -- and that we choose to respect each other regardless of our differences.

Shalyn in TX

Please everyone start working together for the good of our country! It is worth it!

Jean in TX

President Barack Obama brought to this magnificent country and for every person on our planet , the best hope of living in a world more free, more just and more fraternal. All are christian values.

Paulo in OR

From Psalm 72: May you defend the cause of the poor, give deliverance to the needy, and crush oppression. In your days may righteousness flourish and peace abound. Lead on, President Obama!

Cheryl in OH

We pray that you find the courage you need in these terrible times to go ahead and do what you know has to be done - you have the vision and bachbone to do it. Thank you.

jean in MD

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray and ask that you bless and protect our president. Guard him and lead him as he leads us. Let Your peace rule in his heart. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Amen.

Mick in VA

Best Regards and wishes in your second term. Our nation may need an overhaul but you have lots of supporters that will help move this along and faster than last term. We have strong faith!!

Beth in MA

This service is actually a Democracy Gathering, which should unite all Americans despite religious or political bent and is to be celebrated. A prayer group must agree to whom they are praying.

Sarah in NJ

May God watch over you and strengthen you each day. I pray that you find joy in the small and large things accomplished; and that you continue to remember to watch out for all our brothers and sisters

Susan in SC

My prayer is the nation uses the moment of the quadrennial Inauguration to come together with a new resolve to tackle the tough issues that deserve our attention- to better our communities and country

Chris in DC

May our president feel led by God through grace, love and faith, and so make decisions that will grant all people a better life, both in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Margaret in MD

Good luck during this new term - we all are hoping for your success.

Larry in TX


William in MI

I give God thanks for the reelection of President Obama, and I pray that he will be safe and strong as he continues his presidency. May he & Congress work together for the well being of all Americans

Polly in NY

Best of luck for a successful second term seeing to fruition the roll-out of ACA, more reasonable gun control, tax loophole improvements, and continued recovery from the Great Recession. Nurse Nancy

Nancy in VA

Praying for four years where we can find compromise and work together for the betterment of all people and for true justice and freedom for all/

Joey in MD

I pray that now at last there is a change and the country comes together under your leadership in passing sensible new gun laws.

Starr in DC

Congratulations on your victory.Let your life be the source of inspiration to all. with gratitude to our forefathers.

Uma in NJ

I love my family in rccg

ifeoma in NY

God Bless You & Your Family...

Iryn in MD

simply put, prayers for the healing of the nation, and cleansing of hatred and the evil of racism

Rev J. Howard in PA

I believe in President Obama to do the very best for our country and our world. I believe that Vice President Biden is a faithful believer in what President Obama is trying to get done.

Shirley in MD

We are grateful that Barack Obama was reelected president of the U.S.; we are grateful for his caring, his forthrightness and his strength to lead all peoples of America. We pray for him as he begins

Melesse and Robert in CA

I pray that your vision and wisdom along with your leadership and example will be an inspiration to our nation and the world for generations to come. Yes, we do need to take care of one another.

Anne in PA

May God take our leaders and the people of American on a journey of transformation, to a remembrance that we are a nation founded on generosity and inter-dependece. Peace will light the way.

Mary in RI

May all your work as president count for the good of the nation and as a blessing for you at the end of your term.

Robert in ND

May we love and respect all people of the world. God is love.

James in MI

To be considered as leaders of the free world, we must go forward with the issues of gun control, immigration reform, health care revisions, and improved education for children and adults.

Rosalie in OH

My prayer is for you, President Obama, Vice president Biden and all of your cabinet. I really hope this second term will be a very productive one. I pray for your safe keeping.

Dorothy in FL

I hope for the safety of our President and his family.

Mary in MO

May God continue to protect and guide Barack , his family, the members of his administration and the people of this nation. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

S in NJ

Oh Lord I pray for this country. Please stand with are president and guide him as he faces so many hard decision. When god is with you nothing will come against you.

Suelle in VA

Precious Lord, We pray that you continue to bless President Obama with wisdom, strength, perseverence and compassion. Protect him and his family in your loving arms. Bless our country, dear God.

Pamela in DC

Dear God, please bless Barack Obama, Joe Biden and their families in this time of transition in the country, and in the world.

Elif in DC

1st Corinthians says: "If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it." We are all part of one body politic. I share your burdens and joys.

Joanne in CA

Written by Leigh Sherill, Southport, Maine Some claim we are a Christian nation, yet we also claim the second amendment to the Constitution gives each individual the right to own guns. (continued)

Nancy in WI

Prayers for reconciliation and compromise among leaders and all citizens to lead the US and world in peace, justice, growth for each and everyone.

Alexandra in DC

I pray that God will grant us all wisdom and love for one another; that God will protect you and your family always; and that you will know the gratitude the people have for your service. Amen.

John in KY

Congratulation Mr Obama and vice president Biden I am praying for peace and joy for all citizens. Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Nitinbhai Patel ,Newburg , MD

Nitinbhai in MD

I will say a prayer that God have mercy on your soul as the Cathedral continues to praise and support individuals that openly act against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Protect the innocent!

Philip in MO

May your next four years be blessed with peace and prosperity for your family and for our nation. God speed.

Jo in MD

I am so proud of your efforts to bring this country back from the brink of a depression. You take on those issues not always favored by the nation, but for the good of all. Blessings for you always.

Diane in CT

May your efforts to make gun reform a top priority be successful. As a high school teacher I appreciate all your hard work making the U.S. a safer place for democracy to flourish.

Susan in CT

Congratulation Mr Obama The Lord be with you!

Gabriella in DC

I pray for you, your family and the entire government of the United States of America to provide the leadership and inspiration for the people of this country and for all the people in the world.

David in FL

Prayers for the President, Vice President, Cabinet, Congress and Supreme Court that they may govern with justice for all.

Rebecca in NY

I continue to pray for you and your family and our country that you may continue to fight for justice and for the poor who are especially loved by God. Blessings to you

David in VA

Dear President Obama, I am praying for our country and your second term as President. I am thankful that you are the man being inaugurated on January 22. Thanks be to God. Sincerely, Alice Towery

Alice in TN

Grant to the President, wisdom & strength to know what is the right thing to do. Fill him with the love of truth & righteousness, and make him ever mindful of his calling to serve all the people.

Kurt in CT

For wisdom in leadership towards a peaceful nation. Hope that we can end the violence done to our children . Prayers for our veterans returning that they may know peace of mind and heart.

Mary in PA

I am praying that The President will be blessed with inordinate strength and courage to focus on issues of poverty and inequality.

Joan in VA

Bless this man, Barack Obama and his family with your continued grace and wisdom. May all who work with him may your wisdom shinning through and know you peace is near.

Wendy in DC

You are always in our prayers, President Obama. Thank you for your courage and commitment to ALL Americans. Brenda and Gail Mabank, Tx

Brenda in TX

I celebrate your reelection and my best wishes and prays for you as you begin your next four years. May you be successful in leading our country to right some injustices and help foster world peace.

Mary in MD

Our family wish Preident Obama and Vice President Biden good health in the future, two good man and staff moving our country forward. Thanks the Barber family

Pamela in OR

Mr. Pres. & Vice Pres: For you, I pray for wisdom to discern the right course of action and courage to take that action even if it is unpopular. May you find peace and encouragement in all your days

Sabrina in FL

May God keep you, your family and this nation in the security of his safety. May the wisdom of the Almighty surround you with guidance and knowledge through the working of the Holy Spirit. God Bless

Gloria in DC

We hold you, Mr. President, your family and loved ones, and all those working with you in our prayers. May your next term bring a more peaceful and gentler world. Bless you all who work for good.

Arthur & Linda in MD

Remember those serving at home and abroad as well as those unemployed and their families.

Connie in FL

Bless the people and leaders of this land with the wisdom to strive together in times of conflict, trial and change. Sally in WI

Sally in WI

I am praying for peace between political parties, peace and joy for all citizens.

Nancy in GA

May you both be strengthened and uplifted in your second term to lead from your spirit as well as from your head. We pray for you to withstand opposition - and to listen in order to learn.

Nadine in DC

I often pray for our president and all leaders. I ask that they be good stewards over the things for which they have been given authority: freedom; peace; and sharing the wealth that belongs to God.

Joyce in IL

We would live so very much to get tickets for this. Please let us know how. I love the National Cathedral services, and I will be in Washington with my daughter and grandson. Nell Anne Hunt Tx.

Nell in TX

Mis deseos fervientes que Dios ilumine este nuevo mandato presidencial para que el señor Obama trabaje en pro de su pueblo y de los pueblos que confían en El como gobernante, bendiciones.

Marta Bessy Chacon in N/A

May the light and prayers of these candles illumine the hearts and minds of all leaders and people of this land to be Guiding Light to this nation and the world.

Gail in TX

Our thoughts and prayers are with the President, Vice-President and their families. We pray nightly for their safety, strength, courage and wisdom. God Bless and keep them!

Genevieve in FL

Father - I pray now for our nation and President as we enter this new term. We take and find comfort and confidence knowing that you knew this day would come before you laid the foundations of Earth.

Carlton in VA

Father. I thank you for our president and vice president. Lead, guide, and protect them. Surround them with wise counsel and illuminate the path of righteousness. I thank you for their service. Amen.

Vaughn in DC

My prayers for our country, our President and all elected officials beginning new terms continue.

Robert in AR

I pray for both families nearly every day. May God protect, guide, strengthen each and all of you.

Lala in TN

Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving us a President who is hopeful and has the foresight to try to restore the nation to a government of the people, by the people and FOR the people.

Michael in SC

Dear God, out of love you created us, out of love you saved us, but it seems now that we have lost sight of that love. Please God, restore in us that love of human kind that is missing in this world.

Hannah in MD

God grant President Obama and Vice President Biden a mind of peace and understanding. In Jesus name Amen

Charles in GA

May your life and decisions reflect the love of God and help establish peace on earth and respect for all creation.

Kimberly in TX

Dear President & Mrs Obama, May God continue to bless, protect, guide, guard and defend you both always. You are a very special couple & together greatly inspire with your love, grace & leadership!

C in CA

I pray that the President will continue to be blessed with the wisdom to select the best policy choices and the courage to persevere in implementing them despite well funded PR wars against him.

Mark in MD

I pray the jobs that sustain American families will be acknowledged as more important than overseas profits and that we will look to the health of our environment and our future as we make decisions.

Isabel in DC

When my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Stephen in FL

Praying for healing, respect, cooperation, discernment and quiet moments of peaceful clarity to lead us as unified Americans.

Kirsten in DC

A Prayer for Peace and Justice for our country and the world. AMEN

John R in TX

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep President Obama, VP Biden and their families safe in His Arms! May He continue to guide and strengthen them and grant them grace and new mercies every day!

Ruby in TX

Bless O Lord, all the people of this land, from the highest to the lowest, particularly those whom thou has appointed to rule over us in church & state, in the mighty name of Jesus. - Jennifer G, TX

Jennifer in TX

My sincere hope is that we may have gun laws that make assault rifles unobtainable.

Judith in CA

My best wishes to President Obama on his Inaugural day and on all the days of his last term. I pray that he will bring this nation together in all the many issues that divide us. We are One in God!


We are sending you and Michelle our prayers for divine guidance to make the necessary decision to steer the country in these troubled times.

Ken in VA

May you both let God be your guide during the next four years as you lead our nation. I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that he continues to bless the United States.

Darla in FL

I send my prayers and blessing to President Obama and Vice President Biden and their families that they may be held and guided for the best and highest good of this marvelous nation. Anne Conlan

Anne in MD

May the Good Lord continue to guide the President and his administration as he works to make the United States a better place for ALL its citizens for the next four years.

Barbara in MD

I wish all the best and the blessings to the president ,the first lady, and their daughters during this seconf term at the White House.

Luiz in DC

Pres. Obama and V.P. Biden I pray for the success of your 2nd term in office that it will be faithful to God and the Constitution of our founding fathers

Carol in MA

Thank you for your service to the country by taking on this very difficult job and thinking about all of the people with health care, immigration reform and gun control. God bless you

Edith in MD

Oh Lord, in the deep of winter, let not the hope of the poor be taken away.

David in CA

God bless and keep the President Obama for he protects the life and the family in this country.

Adilson in DC

Dear President Obama and Vice President Biden and your families we ask that God continue to bless and keep you safe and guide you as you continue help all Americans live better lives and in peace

Auriol in MD

May God bless you and keep you safe as you continue make America a better place for alll Americans.

Sandra in NV

Heavenly Father as President Obama, his family, members of congress, and all who are sarting a new term, guide and direct them according to your purpose to do everything for the good of the nation.

Myrene in MD

I hope for peace, and that the citizens of this republic join together in support of the common good.

Karen l in DC

Gracious Lord, guide our leaders , heal our wounded, and banish selfish motives and distrust from our hearts. We are not able to to succeed on our own. We humbly ask for your help,

George in VA

May grace and light be with you throughout the next four years.

Jane in MD

On the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, nothing could be more fitting than the inauguration of Barack Obama. May he continue to lead with resolve and vision for the good of ALL.

Merry in LA

Gracious God - Shine your light & love onto America. Lead us to make wise decisions - to protect all of us from harm: physically, fiscally, spiritually & mentally. In your name. Amen.

Lynne in VA

May each and every one of us use the gifts we have been given to improve our own neighborhood. May our leaders strive to exceed expectations with wisdom and dignity. I also pray for our Armed Forces.

Mary in VA

Godspeed our nation that it may live up to its highest ideals for equality, opportunity, and justice.

John in VA

I pray that the leadership and members of Congress will be led to cooperate with the President in directly addressing the issues of fiscal responsibility, gun violence and immigration reform.

Kenneth in MA

We continue to lift you and your family and this wonderful country up in prayer. We also pray for peace among nations and for the healing of creation. Grace and peace to you.

The Revd Darby in NC


julien in MD

I pray that every day, in quiet and solitude, that President Obama and Vice President Biden can feel their heavy responsibilities lifted by their Spiritual Force.

Dorothy in MS

My prayers are with you and your love ones for protection and peace. And may each day bring you joy as you serve our great nation and the world. Grace and wisdom be with you. Janet Steele 650-380-4459

Janet in CA

May Almighty God bless President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and their families. May His peace guard their hearts and His wisdom guide their leadership. May the USA be a light in a dark world.Amen

Aimee in VA

God, please protect our President and Vice President while they are serving our Nation. May our Country be worthiness of your blessings.

Carol in WY

I pray that President Obama can lead our country away from our fascination with violence. This can be our finest hour, and we can build a more peaceful society.

Joel in MD

President Obama and Vice President Biden, My prayers are with you during the next 4 years. May God continue to keep you safe, keep our country safe, and give you strength for each day.

Jean in MI

Our prayers are with you. We hope you have a successful and productive 2nd term. Sincerely, the Whitridges

John in MD

I hope that this second tern of President Obama can help to bring more peace to the Middle East and to curb gun violence in this country. what is happening to "Love thy neighbor ?"

Margaret in VA

You are a great President and I am so happy that you get re-elected. I pray for you and your wonderful family. Please continue the good work and I know history will judge you in a very good light.

Caring in VA

God bless us all. We need it. Please continue to grant wisdom and guidance and patience, but not too much patience, to the President of the United States.

Loren in FL

I pray for the blessing of the nation and for the leadership of President Obama. I also pray that the government can work together for the good of all the people in the USA.

Janet in VA

May we all work together for peace.

Leta in MD

God bless you, Mr. President.

Jill in MD

My thoughts are that we have a very special President in Barack Obama. My prayer is that our Gracious God will guide and protect him as he leads our country for the next four years.

Candyce in CO

Bless you, Mr. President. Continue your work for peace and justice. We need you. Alice M Cooper, Winchester, VA

Alice in VA

Pray that all places afflicted by the pain of war come to know the healing power of peace and forgiveness. Pray that conversation can replace bloodshed and bread replace oppression.

David in PA

Mr President, you are a beacon of hope and comfort. I walk in strength because of your unwavering leadership. Wishing you and your family love, peace and over flowing joy.

Azucena in CA

May God bless our President and Vice President with wisdom, decrement and hope as they continue to lead our nation.

Frances in NJ

I pray that the members of Congress will be more bipartisan in their decisions and work with President Obama. And may this year be the beginning of less violence in the country. God be with us.

Elaine C. in NY

Be well. I pray God gives you the Straight And courage To continue serving this country. All best wishes, God love you. Rev. Ken Douglas

Ken in MI

May God and the heavens radiant blessings of peace, goodwill and abundance to our country, its people, President Obama and his family, and all our leaders, so they may lead with wisdom and compassion.

Athena in VA

I would love to participate in this worship experience. I thank God that Barak Obama is my president. I will be in Washington from Jan 17 - 22 to serve as a volunteer.

Sandra in FL

May all members of our nation remember to listen to each other with the understanding that we are greatest as a nation when we work and sacrifice together. Pray that our divisions will cease.

Christine in WV

I pray that this inaugural service be blessed in a mighty way. I pray that it will continue to symbolize our american tradition of freedom for all people. I pray for our leaders of this great nation

Baron in MD

As a proud American, we continue to pray for President Obama and the leadership of our country. Our daughter, Taylor Bozeman will lend her magical voice to celebrate the inaugaration! God Bless!

Wendy in MD

God I pray that you watch over our President, the First Family, and all of his administration. Impart them with wisdom and understanding to do their service to this country with honesty and integrity.

Jarvis in GA

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a joyful year of discovering new things and experiences that energize our spirits. God bless us with health, compassion for others less fortune and loving kindness.

D in DC

Dear President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, We pray The Lord guides you steps, heart, and will to serve the people of this great nation and make your promises a reality. God bless you

Harold/Teresita in DC

My prayer is simple: Please let us live in accordance with that which is best in us.

Diana in DC

May the families of President Obama,and Vice-President Biden, feel the loving arms of protection of our Heavenly Father,and may President Obama,and VP Biden,be blessed with strength,wisdom,and courage

Rebecca in TX

There is a wonderful Native American prayer that Eugene Sutton used to use and if it works to attach it here I will do so, if not I could email it in the normal way.

Elizabeth in DC

Our prayers for strength and courage to stop the terror of gun violence that is depriving us of our young people, our hope, our future.

Elizabeth in MN

May our great nation become wiser and more united for good, and may we be a light of hope and peace with and for the world.

Betty in NH

May God bless you and keep you in all that you do in service of your country. Carol

Carol in AL

Merciful God, hold all the people of this nation in your love. Inspire our President and government leaders to actions of justice, informed by your wisdom, and burining with a passion for peace.

Blake in NJ

Dear God, Please wrap your loving arms around everyone in our country so that we feel You here with us at every moment. May this gesture lessen our fears so we can live more in Peace and Love. Amen.

Anne and Thomas in MD

May God be with you and guide your steps in all that you do. You, your families, and your administration will be in my prayers every day. Thank you for your service to our country.

Wanda in VA

Pray for peace for the world. Pray for leaders who will put the welfare of people first. We are our brothers keepers.

countess in TN

Good luck to all

Andrea in KS

Looking forward to the next four years. May God continue to watch over you and your families. We love you all! Tunisia & Williams Holley

Tunisia in TN

God bless the United States of America

Daniel in TN

I would like to see the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service.

cortrell in AL

We pray, O God, that You will be Our God. Help us not to make our President - or any elected official - into an idol or a savior. We pray for the Members of Congress. We pray for reconciliation.

Ben in VA

I pray for Unity of the Nation. Let us as Americans come together in support of our President Obama. Let the Divisivness that is so prevelant diminish and a understanding that we need to Unite prevai

Carol in NY

God Bless You President, with such heartfelt & sincere concern for so many and meets the challenges head on. A country of so many diverse people and cultures are very fortunate. Blessings Peace & Joy

julia in CA

O Sovereign Lord, Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Jacob and Issaac:, I pray your people would humble ourselves, would seek your face, and turn from our wicked ways, so that you can heal our land .

Gayla in WV

If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I... will heal their land. ~2 Chron 7:14

Jeanne in OH

Peace and good will to all.

Dennis in MS

God bless the USA

Anthony in KY

I pray that we truly become one nation under God and for God to continues to encamp the angels all around the President and his family, letting no harm or danger come to them.

Pastor Jewel in MD

I pray for the return of civil discourse and integrity in the operation of the interests of the people of the United States. The return of good manners, social graces and honest intentions to help our

Barbara in IL

Lets have a decade of peace after a decade of war. Let Christians, Jews and Moslems engage in a dialogue that emphasizes their commonalities rather than their differences.

David in CT

Dear God, we give thanks for the many blessings of this life. We especially give thanks for Barack Obama We pray that you will protect him, give him guidance, and walk with him along the way Amen

Diane in AR

Dear God, I pray for protection of our President and his family, his Cabinet, all of those who hold office--even those with whom I disagree. Please God, "bind us together" and help us to heal.

Carole in AL

That as a nation, we might be led from a place of fear to trust.

William in CA

I pray for your safety and good health, First Family, and for wisdom and courage to govern this diverse and wonderful nation, Mr. President. We in Chicago have your back!

Julie in IL

Psalm 27: 14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. May God have grace, mercy and faith upon you and America. We Love You!

Lenise in GA

Please - everyone work together for the good of this country and its citizens.

Barry in MT

Great job and we support you

Sophia in MD

God Bless You President Obama You and the first Lady are doing a fine job. I pray you overcome all obstacle standing in your way. May the blessing of Jesus Christ protect you guide you.

Linda in GA

good luck

Irene in AK

May God continue to bless our nation, please pray for the mental health conditions for our sons and daugthers, and people. I pray for the poor near and far. help with better housing for everyone.

Diane in NY

Peace and blessings to the whole country!

Ray in MI

Good luck to the President and to the country

Mary in WA

God bless America

Tom in IA

Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly...

Cassie in KS

blessings, and good luck

Chris in MA

God bless the United States!

Ellis in NY

have a good time.

antonio in DC

God bless the president. Please keep him safe and healthy. Allow him the freedom and courage to do what is right for our nation. Please grant him the wisdom and aptitude to work well with the Congress

Tanya in IN

Everyone, come and Pray for our President, his family, our nation, the world with the Prayer In The Park Ministry and Prayer Liason Of True Bethel Baptist Church, Full Gospel, Buffalo, NY 1/19/2013

Sis. Wanda in NY

We will do a, "PRAYER WALK" from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Statue at the Washington Mall to the White House; 9:00AM-10:00AM. SAT., JAN. 19, 2013; THE PRAYER IN PARK MINISTRY OF BUFFALO, NY. JOIN US

Sis. Wanda in NY

May the blessings of our Creator continue with us; may our nation of families Glorify and Praise Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Alleluia! Hallelujah! Halelja!

Danielle Carter in CA

Wake up those who plot evil and sleep! God will not be mocked... Acknowlege Him, turn from your wicked ways & God will heal you! Come Jesus, COME!

Dave in AZ

Gregory in LA

For the end of violence and the welcoming of all people in churches. "All" means ALL.

Trevor in WI

May we all be enlightened by the wonders of our universe. May we work together to find better ways to care for each other, and find better ways to care for our earth.

Patricia in OH

Oh my Lord Father, Son, Holy Spirit. .this country is waiting for comming. Please deliver us from this sinful nation.

Ani in FL

Congratulations to President Obama as you move forward in leading our country. M.ay God grant us world peace, love for our fellowman and portection . God bless you and United States of America.

Joyce in NY

Father God in the Name of Jesus, I pray that this great country will be one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. I pray for wisdom for all of those in authority. May we live in peace

Sandra in FL

Oh, God. Please bring back our nation under God. Amen.

Dina in WA

I pray that our Congressional leaders will set aside their partisanship, disrespect, and disdain toward Pres. Obama and work with him in putting the best interest of the USA and our world forward.

Linda in MD

God bless

Jason in ID

May God bless the United States and inspire our leaders to uphold our rights as outlined in the Constitution, putting the right to life as the cornerstone and upholding our freedom of religion.

Mary Jo in MN

My family prayers and thoughts are with the President and Vice President and their families and our Nation for Peace.

Ronald in MD

May God be glorified

Donald in TN

I am praying that God will unite us in one spirit and in one mind. I am also praying that I can attend the 2013 Inaugural Prayer Service January 22nd. I will be traveling with a delegation of 6.

Deborah in NC

The prayers offered up during the Inaugural Prayer service will be spoken word of God, the truth and boldly proclaimed.

Jan in TX

For our family, friends and neighbors Hear our prayer

Paul in AL

Peace and blessings for the US

Hayley in SC

God bless

Peter in IL

Let us look to our past, to the present, and to the future as we start this new and exciting time.

Rachel in PA

Peace to all

Anne in TX

Peace to the holy land, including the peoples of Gaza and Israel.

Shannon in TX

Praying for the safety and well being of our nation and its leaders.

Jason in TX

Good luck to everyone!

Sam in OK

I pray that our nation will heal and the world will continue upon the path of human success.

Kraig in AZ


Kylie in NE

God bless the USA

David in MO

Wishing all the best for the next 4 years!

Michael in NY

All the best to the President and to the country

Nathan in GA

good luck to all!

Jane in OR

Expressing sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our military, active and retired. May those of us that benefit from the sacrifices of body and soul that you endure live with perspective.

Ben in TX

O Lord our Governor, bless the leaders of our land, that we may be a people at peace among ourselves and a blessing to other nations of the earth. Amen.

Richard in TX

Blessings to Obama and the nation.

Elizabeth in TX

wishing blessings upon the country

Kim in TX

Praying for this nation

Eric in TX

Wishing the President all the best!

Reggie in TX

Congrats, and all the best!

Tom in TX

Blessings to the President and to the country!

Daniel in TX

Praying for Obama and America

Elizabeth in TX

May the LORD send His blessings and favor upon America!

Roger in TX

God bless America!

Anna in TX

God bless the U.S.A.

Richard in TX

Wishing the President all the best!

Jason in TX

Blessings upon this nation and the President.

Joanne in TX

God be with this nation.

Reggie in TX

God bless America

Kevin in TX

May the coming years be the best yet for the United States.


May God guide and provide.


Best of luck to the US and to the President!

Jonathan in TX

May the best years still be ahead for the US

Debra in TX

I pray for the safety of President Obama, and that he will be a president lead by Creator-God. Blessings to his family.

Rosita in KA

Wishing hope and blessings for our new President and his family.

Patti in ID

God bless this country.

Reggie in TX

Wishing peace and hope for the United States


May the Lord guide President Obama and our political leaders toward caring for the common good for all peoples.

Lisa in WI

May God bless President Obama and his family as he models a spirit of hope.

Diana in CA

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